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Yadavindra Public School, Patiala organised an Inter Cultural Training workshop under the aegis of AFS, India, which is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities. The workshop was conducted by the AFS Intercultural Learning Trainer, Ms. Sarita Badhwar. The two-day workshop was attended by the Director YPS, Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma, VSM (Retd), 24 teachers and a selected group of students.

In the session for students, they were encouraged to take part in several role playing activities which could broaden their perspective about themselves and the world around them. They learned to communicate and collaborate across cultures in a mindful way and also how to appreciate and encourage others irrespective of the caste and cultures, for a better and harmonious world.  Dr. Sonam Dullet, Psychologist and Professional Student Counsellor from Thapar University of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, was the Keynote speaker of the workshop. She sensitised the students about the quality educational, community services and important UNESCO’s Sustainable Development goals.

The teachers had an enlightening session where they learned about new educational approach to equip the students for intercultural competences by introducing it in curriculum and daily practice, adapting different communication styles to understand diverse cultures and facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The interactive session was braced by debating and role playing activities along with cognitive and learning styles based on Kolb’s learning cycle. The idea was to upgrade their skills that will enable them to edify their students about how to be globally competent while being in different cultural environments and create a surrounding which is loaded with diversity, empathy and compassion. The session also included importance of various communication styles required to be a global change maker and leaders of tomorrow. All were encouraged to volunteer in different AFS Programs.

One needs to acquire knowledge, right attitude and behaviour to thrive in today’s inter connected world. For the global competence, one needs to be sensitive towards different cultures and also willing to adapt them whole heartedly. Who else can shoulder this responsibility better than the young generation? As, YPS is an active member of AFS, both Domestic as well as International long and short term exchange programmes are organised periodically for the students to expand their horizon and to understand and adapt diverse cultures.


It is not that so long they had visited us. On March 10, a team of 20 students and two escort teacher from lycee Clos Maire, France visited YPS, Patiala as part of Class Reciprocal Exchange Programme. They explored the cultural diversity of India and ethos of YPS, Patiala. This time ….it was an opportunity for our students to explore the French culture, as Co-ordinator Mrs. Sangita malik along with team of 20 students and the Teacher Connect Mrs. Harsimranjeet Kaur Dhindsa visited lycee Clos Maire, Beaune, France.

Mayor of Beaune and Mayor of Chalon, Proviseur Alban Georges along with staff and students of Lycee Clos Maire welcomed our team at Burgundy. The eventful itinerary included many enlightening sessions that aided our team to learn about French cultural diversities.

“Reciprocal programmes gives opportunities to the students to enhance the intercultural competence, critical thinking, entrepreneurship which help them make world better and peaceful place”, said the Co-ordinator, Mrs. Sangita Malik.

The students and the teachers were appreciative of the differences and similarities of both the countries and respected the same. The two schools have bonded strongly for the lifetime by the virtue of these exchange programmes.

“The best part of this trip was the people we met, the places we explored and the memories we made along the way. We will cherish them all forever………”, expressed the Teacher Connect, Mrs.Harsimranjeet kaur Dhindsa.


Traditionally, school exchange programs bring together students from two different schools to meet and interact. This time, YPS, Patiala hosted students from the royal city of Jodhpur. YPS culminated its Inter-State Regional Exchange Programme with a group of 15 girls and an escort teacher from Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur, on Saturday. A nine day (April 21-29) exchange programme was held under the patronage of AFS (a voluntary, non-profit organisation that provides opportunity to help people develop the knowledge, skill and understanding needed to overcome cultural barriers).

They were exposed to the class curriculum, activities in the field of ART, MUSIC, DANCE and COOKING. The participation in all these activities helped in creating right bond amongst the children of both the schools. A tour of Patiala cultural sites enhanced their knowledge of The Royal City. The uniqueness of the exchange was that both schools belong to Royal families. The students embibed the ethos of each school in its similarity and variance.

After all the informative and enlightening sessions in the school, another fun -filled day was planned which included visits to Quila Mubarak, Adalat Bazar, A/C market and NIS…..they admired the cultural heritage and architectural beauty of Patiala.

On the last day, a brief cultural presentation was organised on Saturday evening. Promoting diversity, YPS junior school students presented an energetic and foot -tapping ‘Bhangra’, whereas the girls from RKK School showed their talent in an English group song and octane packed Rajasthani tribal dance ‘Kalbelia’. This multicultural programme was a delight to watch.

YPS Director ,Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma, applauded the efforts of the students and presented souvenirs to the visiting school. On the same evening, school bid a heart-warming farewell to Paolo and Maddalena, our exchange programme students from Italy who were here for last 10 months. It was entertaining as well as poignant evening as we bid farewell to our dear guests….but we believe “Every ending has a new beginning.”

AFS exchange students participated in AFS India celebration

YPS & AFS exchange students participated in AFS India celebration on 8th Nov 2017. The students distributed food to 150 students in Sher Majra village under the project ‘Feed The Hungry’.