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Beyond the classroom experiences………..HIS WORDS …INSPIRED ALL

At times, the school routine gets monotonous for children and they need a push to trigger their good selves and that push comes either from an elder one or someone highly inspirational. Though, teachers are always there to motivate but, at times, an outside speaker who comes in even for a short while can really make the students sit up and listen, take notice, and help them to think out of the box. You never know what a moment and a few sincere words can impact a life forever. Students need an inspirational dose time to time to keep them sparked and motivated.

To keep the fire ignited in their minds, an interactive session for Class XI-XII was organised in the school. Lt Gen Mr. Zameer Uddin Shah(Retd), an Ex-Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Vice Chancellor Aligarh Muslim University, incited the students with his motivational speech on the right path to success. He emphasised on major key points like building self-confidence, opting atleast one game in life to imbibe in the never give up attitude, taking part in extra co-curricular activities for holistic development.

He also emphasised on making true friends in school as school friendship is purer and selfless for life gets tougher and challenging in later years. The students were upskilled about the importance of reading, writing and public speaking because, these are the foundation stones for a successful career and majestic personality. He shared with them the key factor to get the knack of public speaking. i.e. Speak Less, Speak Sense. He also urged everyone to use the technology sensibly and wisely for the best outcomes.

He strongly advocated to inculcate moral values. “Your parents and teachers are alchemists….they carve you into a better and smarter human being. Always take their blessings and you will flourish beyond your dreams”, said Mr. Shah while addressing the students. He also shared his own life, school days’ and as an ex-vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University experiences with the students.

These sessions indeed help students to carve themselves as a leader and can definitely open the gateway to success. The end of term exams are looming and finals are approaching for class X and XII, such motivational interaction truly helps to get them pumped for their exams. The purpose behind organising this session was to spark each student’s imagination, to find a hook in their heart and mind so that they feel a need to learn more and everyone tries to drive his or her learning.