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Teaching is one of the noblest profession and as a teacher you need to make sure you do justice to it. Timely upgradation, planning and preparing act as an antidote to all the classroom challenges faced by a teacher. Every student is different and so are their learning abilities. Children develop differently and possess different strengths with different learning and behavioural patterns. It is imperative to provide them the required support to meet their individual needs.

A workshop on ‘Remedial Education in inclusive classroom settings’ was conducted for all the teachers. The aim behind conducting this workshop was to provide remedial and innovative solution for the students with special needs. It was directed to provide vision and guidelines to the teachers on how to deal with a student having difficulty in comprehending and disability in specific skills area like writing, speaking, reading and performing socially.

Ms. Jaspal kaur, the special educator in YPS, focused on those students who feel left out due to some special education needs and disabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Various activities were conducted during this workshop for understanding the importance of holistic development of all children. The main idea was to pay attention on all the aspects of learning rather than focusing on marks only. The workshop aimed on facilitating the provision of effective education for all children. A targeted individualised approach is required to meet the needs of a student. Every child has the right to excel and it requires collective effort of all the teachers to usher the students towards success path.