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Running is a great fitness sport for both mind and body. At YPS, sports and fitness is an integral part of the curriculum. The first phase of the Interhouse Cross Country Race for the session 2019-20 took place yesterday. Around 700 students from class VI –XII took part in this race with a lot of enthusiasm. The Director, Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma flagged off the race in the morning at 6:30 AM.
Cross Country race is most awaited event of the school and is practised every year with huge enthusiasm, liveliness, spark and great energy. All the students of classes VI-XII participated and ran miles competing with each other. They had to run along the distance of approximately 2- 5 Kms. The students were divided in four groups and their paths were directed to them beforehand. Even the staff members were appointed at all the turning points to ensure the discipline and safety of students. They all went through training and practice sessions almost for a month to prepare themselves for the rigours of the race.
Cross Country Run is practiced quarterly in YPS. It is a great fitness sport which strengthen mind and body. Since it was an Interhouse competition, house spirit in this friendly battle was quite evident in everyone’s pace of running.

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