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Sliding on the snow covered steep mountains on a pair of wooden sticks….an adventure one must experience atleast once in the lifetime.

The pattern of snowfall has been unusual this year with many hill stations receiving highest snowfall of the decade. It calls for the time to hit the slopes…the best time for an outstanding outdoor sport like SKIING. YPS students are sports and adventure enthusiasts and never leave an opportunity to try their hands on different and challenging sports. Instead of lying dormant in the chilling winters, they opted to learn a thrilling and zestful sport.  A group of 29 students and two teacher escorts, Mr. Veglor M Walter and Ms. Sangeet Sandhu attended basic Skiing course in Solang Valley for 10 days. From learning how to wear skiing boots to actually sliding down the mountain slopes, our students learned all with eagerness. They tried their hands on various activities related to Skiing like swing turns, traverse, parallel turns, carving and many more exciting skills. They also attended lectures on snow science and the geographical features affecting Himalayan lifestyle. Watching a movie based on Yuchiro Miuro, the first man who skied down the mountains, inspired all to indulge into the wonderful sport. All in all, it was a great learning experience for all.