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The extra-curricular activities have gained prominence in our education system. These activities provide innumerable benefits and help in inculcating moral values, compassion, care and helpfulness amongst the volunteers. Thus, teaching them to be responsible citizens and helps in holistic development of a child. In addition to that, it also gives an opportunity to learn about hardships and challenges of life by stepping out of the comfort zone. To nurture the feeling of service towards the society amongst students, YPS provides various activities to take part in where they have a chance to interact with the under privileged children and contribute their share towards cleaner and greener environment.

Around 12 activities were carried out in the academic year 2019-20. The students of class VI-XII participated in these activities. The volunteering began in the month of May 2019, when 70 students took a pledge to make the environment clean and green by cutting out on the use of plastic bags. To dissuade the small vendors on the use of plastic bags, they prepared paper bags from the newspapers and distributed amongst the shopkeepers. Contributing more towards clean environment, during other activities, the students planted 20 trees in the campus and also took part in cleanliness drive conducted at the Patiala Environment Park. The cycling rallies carried out by the NCC students and the staff members relayed a strong message to cut out on the use of fossil fuels and develop a healthy lifestyle by refraining from drugs.

A clean and green environment isn’t enough to survive, we need to be more compassionate, responsible and caring towards each other in the society. Most of us enjoy a comfortable lifestyle where everything is available to us with the snap of a finger but, there are many around us who barely manage to make ends meet. Our students, developed a sense of compassion through donations. In three different projects, the students donated groceries, clothes, stationary, blankets and many more essential items to the under privileged ones around them.

To show reverence towards the Army of the nation, the students collected and donated funds for the welfare of Indian Armed Force. The Communal Harmony Week was also celebrated in the same manner. The students collected funds by selling flags and stickers and later donated the whole amount for the community welfare.

The students also volunteered at the polling booths during Lok Sabha elections and ensured smooth functioning by offering help to the old aged and physically impaired people. A similar compassion was visible when the volunteers served at the ‘Chabeel’ put up for the passers-by in the scorching heat of July Summers.

Another major task was accomplished in the month of June. When everyone prefers to stay indoors in an air cooled atmosphere, our students stepped out of their comfort zone to refurbish the Government Elementary School at Hassanpur Village. They started from scratch and completed the task in 20 days. During these days, they upgraded the classrooms, painted the walls, prepared the kitchen garden for the school, set up swings in the playground, educated the children about personal hygiene and waste management.

These all activities were carried out under the supervision of the teachers. Everyone had put their best for the success of these programmes. Values like Compassion, care, empathy and sense of responsibility is never learned overnight. Rather, it takes continuous effort and hardwork and at YPS we believe in inculcating all the values in our students through various projects periodically.