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 Yadavindrians participated in two Round Square Virtual Conferences held lately in the month of May.

Theme: The Future of our Cities

Hosted by: UWCSEA, Singapore 

Participants from YPS:

  1. Sifet Kaur - VIII
  2. Jasnoor Kaur - VIII
  3. Avraj Manchanda - VIII
  4. Gunwant Kaur - VIII
  5. Amol Dhaliwal - VIII
  6. Divyam Bansal - IX

Teacher Escort: Smriti Y. Singh 

The online conference was attended by almost 400 students and delegates from around the world. The students presented their info graph in the group. They were enlightened about the different aspects of Singapore and Model cities from around the world.

Theme: ‘Let your inner sun shine’

Hosted by: Sunbeam School, lahartara

Participants from YPS, Patiala:

  1. Divroop Sandhu (9 O)
  2. Thea Aggarwal (9 O)
  3. Devina Bansal (9 E)
  4. Hiren Jain (9 N)
  5. Vardhan Bansal (9 P)
  6. Ujeshwar Singh Brar (9 N)

Teacher Escort: Sukhneet Kaur

In this global level conference, more than 320 delegates from 38 schools participated to celebrate the theme-‘Let your Inner Sun Shine’. The entire conference was divided into the following four sessions. The delegates learned about leadership qualities and to become a leader, one does not need to hold a specific rank or status in society. However, every day brings new ways to use one's leadership skills to make a difference in the world. the keynote speakers urged students to strive for perfection in their work because achievement comes from excellence.

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