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Science tricks seem like real magic. Behind every trick, there are scientific principles and concepts that make them look like magic. “Learning and implementing science tricks are real fun,"expressed one of the students who experienced this wonderful world of science during their Extra-Curricular Activity sessions. 

Class VI-N and VII-O learned and performed various scientific tricks during their ECA classes. Their mentor, Mrs. Anju Pandey, helped students to pursue interests outside the standardized academic context. Students used the activities to explore interests they had never encountered before. The activities carried out exposed students to a more diverse range of interests which helped in strengthening their mind to promote better understanding of surroundings. The activities done during ECA sessions are:


1.Science in daily life -Kitchen Pharmacy- The students learned the uses of various Indian spices and their health benefits.

2.Science in our gardens- The Benefits of various plant leaves, viz. Basil, Tulsi, Mint, Curry leaves, Coriander and Carom leaves were discussed.

3.Science in daily life -Food preservation- The students learned how to prevent wastage of food by preserving it using different techniques.  

4.Constellations- Sky watch—the curious minds explored more about the different constellations like The Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion and Cassiopeia.

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