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Mountaineering is the sport of attaining high points in mountainous regions. It embodies the thrill while testing the courage and pushing your own limits. An adventure loving group of 12 students with teacher escort Mr. Parminderjeet Singh aimed to summit  CB14 peak in Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions and no base camp space…… they had to halt…. But all the hurdles could not dampen their spirit…..then they had…..athirst for more adventure…. their enthusiasm spurred them to summit another high peak, albeit unnamed at 17,600 mtr. in same area and this time they conquered while showing utmost strength, courage, stamina and ofcourse a great teamwork. These 15 days were the best learning experience of their lives…..they learned not to give up and stand tall in all circumstamces….be it life or the mountains as ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb’.

YPS congratulates all the team members…..More power to our mountaineers