Notice :

Code of conduct for students

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YPS Patiala Charter of Duties & Responsibilities

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How to access YPS School APP

Follow these steps for logging into the app:

  1. Download the app from Playstore(for android phones)/APP Store(for iphones) named “YPS PATIALA”.
  2. After downloading the app you need username & password for login.
  3. Your username would be (p_child account number) (P underscore Acc No). For e.g. if your child's account no is A-111 so your username would be “p_a111”.
  4. Your password would be “date of birth of your child”. It should be of 8 digits. For e.g. 1 Jan 2000 so password is “01012000”.
  5. After login, you can access the various features of the app.


Admission Open (Session 2016)

Admission for BOARDERS are open for Classes IV to IX & XI. Entance Test will be held on 27 Feb 2016 and for NRIs on 28 Mar 2016. Last date  for applying is 15 Feb 2016. The School Session will be commence on 28 March 2016.

Registration forms to be sent to the School along with Registration Fees.

For Further Clarification Please contact Mr. Soman (PA to HM) : +91-9501167059

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