Covid-19 Adaptation


Online teaching in 2020 was made easier and efficient by the adoption of ‘Skolaro’ learning management system which provided immense benefit and ease of work to both, teacher and taught.
Students could comfortably log in to their classes at the right time, could apply for online leave and could be given assignments, quizzes and tests which were easy to attempt for them and easy to submit. In case of written work, or typed work or presentations, students and teachers could promptly upload it on the skolaro student group and all of them would be able to view it and reply or work on it. Assessments and report-cards were also uploaded on the Skolaro and parents, who were given unique IDs, could continuously assess the progress of their child through this medium.

Blended Teaching :

TAs per the latest governmental guidelines, some students have now started attending offline classes whereas the rest of them are continuing with online classes. Having anticipated such a scenario, the school had swung into action much earlier and equipped each class with high-speed internet and high-definition camera to enable the teachers to take offline and online classes simultaneously. YPS is one of the few North Indian Schools where every classroom is now technologically so wired that a teacher can teach using the smart board and can share her screen [for presentations] and can even show the smart class content, videos and internet content on the smart-board to both, online and offline students at the same time.