YPS Latest News :


Event: Model United Nations

Host: The Doon School

Agendas taken up:

UNEP- 1. Environmental Sustainability in active and post conflict zones

  1. Addressing multi sourced and pathogenic pollution in global waterways 

UNSC- The protection of civilians in the context of peacekeeping forces

DISEC- Unconventional methods of warfare with a special emphasis on biological weapons and cyber warfare.

 Participants from YPS: 

  1. Punya Arora 
  2. Inayat Pabla
  3. Erica Singh
  4. Uday Singh Batra
  5. Anirudh Gupta
  6. Trishleen Kaur
  7. Naunihal Singh
  8. Hannah Kaur Deol

 A lot of hard work and efforts are put in by the students who participate in any activity beyond the school campus. The exposure and competition is higher every time. MUN is one such platform which helps the students expand their horizons. In one such MUN held recently, 8 delegates from YPS researched various agendas. The students were divided into three committees named UNEP, UNSC and DISEC. Each committee had a different agenda to discuss. They figured out the methods to combat the growing threats of biological weapons and cyberwarfare. They highlighted the fact that the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) does not have a system of verification. Several other loopholes in the BWC were also examined during the course of the committee.

The committee of students suggested the creation of an external body to inspect and investigate countries in breach of the convention.

The students also discussed other agendas, one was related to sustainable development with a special emphasis on active and post conflict zones and the other was related to pathogenic pollution in waterways. 

MUNs provide great opportunities to the students to get acquainted with the global issues and also enhance their leadership, negotiation and debating skills.