Academic Facility :

Class Rooms

The classrooms are spacious, well-lighted, large and airy and provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning. The children and teachers take keen interest in maintaining cleanliness and decoration of their classrooms.

Many class rooms are fitted with interactive boards and networking facilities. Lessons are delivered through use of advanced technology including LCD projectors, Laptops etc to make the lessons more informative, interactive and interesting.

Computer Centre

The School has three computer labs - one in Junior Wing and two in the Senior Wing. Powerful and state of art computers have been installed with latest software applications.

Students are taught the basics in junior classes and progressively advanced topics in senior classes. Students showing keen interest in computer technologies are encouraged to join the School Computer Club. In computer center there are also a class of games once a week.

Laboratories & Library

The school has well set up science laboratories. A sincere effort is made to encourage students to learn through research and conducting experiments to enhance their theoretical learning.

The school has a large library with a stock of good collection of books on various subjects. The library subscribes to most of the national and local newspapers and magazines.

Staff and children access and use the library on daily basis. To facilitate researching the vast content in the world wide web, a network of computers have been installed at the Library with high-speed internet connection.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Regular communication between teaching staff, students and parents is essential for better progress of the child and the school takes it seriously. Parent’s involvement is valued and welcome. The school organizes Parent-Teachers meeting at least once a term. However, the school welcomes one-to-one interaction of parents with various subject Teachers, Tutors or the Housemasters, with prior appointment, on any working day, if the matter is urgent and needs immediate attention.

The topics covered in the meetings may include :-
• School curriculum,
• Academic progress of the pupil,
• Safety and general welfare of the pupil,
• Communication between school and parents etc.
Suggestions from parents are minuted and reviewed after every meeting.

Language Lab

The need for having a language lab is being widely recognised by the English language academia. Our school has English Language lab which provides scope for using English language through games and practice exercises to polish concepts learnt during classroom sessions.

It gives shy and self-conscious students a chance to practice their English in privacy as learning content can be adjusted to suit each student’s individual needs. Also, students listening and speaking skills are tested more efficiently.