Boarding Facility :

Boarding Houses

Every student at YPS belongs to a House and it is central to his/her life at school. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to flourish in a safe, secure and happy environment, so that, whilst making the transition to the adulthood, boys and girls can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities on offer here at YPS.


The pastoral care provided is designed to do this in a friendly atmosphere, encouraging the students to be responsible, courteous, tolerant and supportive of others and to prosper under the supervision of a team of experienced staff consisting of Housemaster/Housemistress, Assistant Housemaster and a team of tutors. Every student therefore has access to adults within the House (in addition to the Counseling and School Medical services) to whom he/she can turn for support and advice whenever required.


The students, Boarder as well Day Scholars, are divided into three Houses namely Mohindra House, Dhani Ram House, and Phulkian House. There are three Boarding Houses for boys and one for girl’s students. Each House has dormitories, which provide a common living for all.


A resident House Matron looks after the boarder’s hygiene, clothing and other requirements in each house while the House Master and the Assistant looks after the administrative matters, discipline and closely monitor the overall progress of each child in the House. A tutor also interacts with a group of children under his/her care and observes their participation in various activities of the school and takes note of their academic progress. Students are associated with the running of the House by their appointments as House Captains and Prefects.


Students are encouraged to indulge in healthy competition, take pride in doing their won work and grow into mature, independent and self confident individuals. Boarders follow a timetabled routine, beginning with morning PT, followed by normal school, evening games and supervised prep/study hours.


The school runs its own Mess for the boarders with trained staff to cook both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food.

Meals are served in the Central Dining Hall. House-Masters, Assistants and Matrons are present at each major meal. The school provides 5 meals a day; breakfast, 11 O’clock tea/cold drinks, lunch, afternoon tea/cold drinks and supper.

Menus are carefully designed to include variety of food necessary for growing children. Diet is supplemented with milk and fruit. Special diet is also arranged for sportsmen who undertake vigorous training. English food is served once a week.

Great stress is laid on table manners and etiquette.

During the winter terms, lunch is also provided to day scholars.

Tuck Shop

There is a Tuck Shop for students in the school Premises. Articles of daily use, such as toiletry items and readymade items of clothing, school games kit etc are supplied.

A canteen is run on the same place, where students are allowed to have refreshment after the games in the evening.