Co-curricular Activities:


Career counselling refers to identifying the potential and guiding the right path. Inadequate awareness can hinder your career growth and can be frustrating too especially when you are planning for overseas education. In order to keep students mindful about career opportunities, YPS organises career counselling workshops quarterly to keep students updated about the available courses and their practicalities.

One such informative interactive session was organised for class X-XII students. The workshop was conducted by Eduvelocity Global Counsels, Chandigarh. The representatives of Eduvelocity and four International Universities, Blue Mt University (Australia), Colorado state university (USA), Les Roches (Switzerland, Spain & China) and Glion Universities (Switzerland & London), had come over to impart knowledge on how to choose foreign universities, their criteria, courses and also the scholarship options available for the students willing to study abroad. 

It was highly informative session for the students as choosing universities on a foreign land is a challenging task and these workshops definitely play a significant role in directing the students towards right path.


The poem recitation competition for Prep I was held in Prep Wing with full enthusiasm. They have been working hard to perform their poems well and confidently since the start of the term. Along with the acquisition of public speaking skills, the other aim was to enhance their confidence.

It was quite an experience to watch our cute little toddlers recite their poems very confidently and flawlessly. Their eye catching props and actions were icing on the cake. They recited their poem on different topics like….I am Little Pumpkin, Flowers flowers everywhere, This is my body and many more.

 All the participants were very excited to perform. The activity area of prep school came alive with the rhyming words, applaud by the classmates and cheerful smiling faces. 


Children live in fantasy world. They usually either imitate or aspire to be like one or other super hero. The choices keep on changing until they discover their innate talents. Our Class I students performed a very intriguing and amusing dance medley of professions named….What I Want To Become….it was truly an amazing performance on the Junior School Annual Entertainment Day…


Graphologists say that your handwriting can reveal much more than you might imagine, as it is imprint of yourself on the paper. In school, good habits are formed and personalities are shaped. School’s academic and co-curricular activities play a major role in that. One such activity i.e Handwriting Competitions, are organised from time to time to enhance the writing skills of children.

English and Punjabi handwriting competitions were held in junior school. English handwriting competition was held for classes I-II, whereas, Punjabi handwriting competition was organised for classes III-V to improve their font and letter formation.


The best way to make children good is to make them happy. What can be a better way than a picnic… love playing.  Picnic is not relief from serious learning, rather, the children learn and grasp more when they are happy and playful.

To add a memorable day in their lives, one-day picnic was organised for Prep I-II students at Dhillon Fun World. The whole day kids enjoyed the rides, played together to learn and enhance their social skills. Sharing their favourite tiffin food with each other taught them the importance of eating together as a family, which is imperative to teach in today’s busy lifestyle where eating together is a challenge.

The whole day their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious and their smiles and laughter spread from them to everyone around….kids are like that only. Children created beautiful memories for themselves and teachers as well which everyone will cherish for a long time to come.


Run your own race at your own pace…... If you fall behind…run faster…. Never give up never slow down…. give your best and forget the rest .

Running sets your mind free. Nothing seems impossible and unattainable. Cross country run is one such sport which makes you more determined, focused, committed and self-disciplined….all these are must haves to turn your dreams into reality. If all these are taught at an early stage in school, it ensures success in a child’s life. In pretext to instil sporty and never give up attitude amongst our blooming buds, an inter house cross country race was held for junior school students in the school campus yesterday.

The junior school cross country race brought together around 600 students of classes I-V of the Junior school, who ran not only for their individual glory but also for the prestige of their houses. The course distance was 500M for classes I-II, whereas, classes III-IV and V competed for 1 and 1.5 Km. To ensure the safety of young runners, this race was confined to the lush green campus of YPS.

At YPS, we endeavour to create budding all-rounders by providing a perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities.


Live in peace and harmony with others……..spreading the same message, the communal harmony week was observed in YPS, Patiala from November 19-24. It was celebrated by all the students and staff with full vigour and zeal. Various number of events were organised in the campus to celebrate the National Integration Day.

The Communal Harmony Week long celebration started on November 19. All the students were reiterated about the origin and importance of the day by the teachers. Different posters regarding peace, harmony, compassion, etc were placed at every corner of the school. Circulars regarding voluntary donations were sent to the children heralding the harmony week well in advance. The donation boxes were kept in the school for the same. A painting and essay writing competition was held on November 21. The top five entries will be sent to national Foundation of Communal harmony for award.

On November 23, Flag day was observed by the students. They distributed harmony day flags to everybody and students and teachers donated generously for the noble mission. Apart from all these activities, students spoke eloquently about communal harmony and national integration in the morning assembly daily throughout the week.

Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma, VSM(Retd), Director of YPS, encouraged students to imbibe in themselves the qualities of compassion, unity, togetherness and love to make the world better place to live.


Debating is a formal discussion where a group of people sit together to express their views either for or against a particular topic. A turncoat debate is little tricky one where, the speaker has to express his views both in favour and against the motion. It is a cumbersome yet interesting task to perform.

YPS debaters showcased their debating skills in an Interhouse Bilingual Turncoat Debate held on Monday. Both Middle and Senior wings participated in it and as many as 18 students were there to compete for their respective houses. The Topics of debate were ….


Each participant was given four minutes time. Two minutes for the motion in English and another Two minutes against the motion in vernacular. All the students very well participated in the battle of words. Their research work, speech, confidence, expressions and presence of mind was commendable. The top two participants competed with each other in final round held in morning assembly.  

Debating is a formal discussion where a group of people sit together to express their views either for or against a particular topic. A turncoat debate is little tricky one where, the speaker has to express his views both in favour and against the motion. It is a cumbersome yet interesting task to perform.

YPS debaters showcased their debating skills in an Interhouse Bilingual Turncoat Debate held on Monday. Both Middle and Senior wings participated in it and as many as 18 students were there to compete for their respective houses. The Topics of debate were ….


Each participant was given four minutes time. Two minutes for the motion in English and another Two minutes against the motion in vernacular. All the students very well participated in the battle of words. Their research work, speech, confidence, expressions and presence of mind was commendable. The top two participants competed with each other in final round held in morning assembly.  


Round squares are an opportunity to take part in one such conference that helps in bringing together different communities to share perspectives, forge friendships, learn to support each other and develop understanding. A group of …student delegates with teacher escort Ms. Vidushi attended round square conference held at Him Academy Public School, Hamirpur.

An interaction with eminent personalities like the Chief Guest Mrs. Ghosh, Regional Director of Round Square South Asia and Gulf Region and the Keynote speaker Mr. Ashok, an environment specialist, was truly an enriching session. They urged to conserve the natural resources. The same issue was discussed in the Barazza sessions later on.

The students also engaged themselves in making upcycled products like baskets from newspapers and some painting sessions as well.

The most enlightening part of this round square trip was the meeting with His Holiness Dalai Lama at Mcleodganj monastery. He addressed all the participants of Round Square Conference and relayed a strong message to be compassionate towards others. He prevailed upon young minds to imbibe in themselves the traditional and ancient values along with the modern values to bring peace and harmony in the world. 


Children flourish better when they are set free to explore, observe and imitate the world around them. Our prep school organised an Art and dough modelling competition to refine pupils’ motor and cognitive skills. An art encourages to put creativity to work using crayons, paint and pencil colours.

All the students of Prep school participated in much engrossing and engaging competition with a lot of enthusiasm. They painted and shaped their imaginative world onto paper and with modelling dough. Spectators were amazed to see the level of creativity.

The children also developed language skills as they describe and share their artwork. They also learnt concepts like size, shape through dough modelling activity. Their cheerful faces and colour filled hands manifested their joy.

Hindi handwriting competition

Handwriting competitions instills the love for the language and also enhance the motor skills. Writing a good hand in Hindi is imperative as a mark of respect towards national language. In persuance to that, a hindi handwriting competition was held in the Junior wing of YPS. All the students of class III-V actively participated and showed interest through their correct formation of letters in this competition. The idea was to re-iterate the importance of national language and let the students experience the joy of writing down their thoughts on paper, which is almost vanished in this digital era of computers and mobiles.


A team of 10 students, escorted by staff member, Mrs. Ashu Saini, visited Genesis Global School Noida, to attend an MUN Conference.  The conference had a total of 14 schools and 170 delegates participating. Rehmat Walia of class IX-E received the special mention award for her excellent research work and presentation skills.

Whereas, Nidhi Singh of XI- Arts managed to get attention in their newsletter through her engrossing article.

The theme of the conference was, ‘Inclusive Development’. The goal was to accept inequalities around the world in gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation and rectify them. The delegates put in their best efforts to state their views in favour of an inclusive society that is able to accommodate differences and value diversity.

YPS delegate, during the course of the conference, spoke with confidence and clarity on the theme and agenda, representing the countries they were allotted. Their case was backed by well formulated position papers. The participation of all the delegates was applauded by the judges.


In order to instil a love for poetry and to develop recitation skills amongst our students, the school organised English Poem Recitation competition in Junior School. Since, it is a part of our school curriculum, all the students of class I-V participated. Undoubtedly, our students are endowed with the gift of speech as they recited their poems extremely well. Their performances were judged on basis of their pronunciation, volume, rhythm and intonation. It includes sentence patterns and parts of speech, thus deepening their understanding of the language and allows children to become familiar with the nuances of a language.

Poetry recitation is considered as an alternative medium of teaching literacy, and developing oral communication. The competition comprised of various poems like…. Ticklish Tom, colour of my dream, all my great excuses and many more. These contests help students grow up as public speakers. The idea was to make them learn how to present a message clearly, confidently with a lot of enthusiasm.


Utilizing games as an education tool provides opportunities for deeper learning. Our prep school teachers conceptualises the same in their teaching. A fun gaming session was organised in the prep wing to make learning more enjoyable.

Excitement, enthusiasm and euphoria…..there was a look of ecstasy on their faces when they were involved in most fun filled session of their learning. All our tiny tots played a challenging and fun packed game together. It was a relay race. They were encouraged to cross a pre designed maze while following the numbers. At one end, they had to solve a puzzle and quickly return back counting reverse on the same path towards their starting point.   

It was truly a unique activity to learn forward and backward counting. Such games foster strategic thinking to achieve desired goals, enhances child’s memory and inculcate the gaming spirit. Well….all these are imperative in holistic development of a child.


An Art can actually raise awareness on social and global issues and solve them because when words fail, art works….it shines issues in a new light. 
In context to that, Petroleum Conservation Research association organised an art competition in the school for class V-X. the topic was ‘SAVE FUEL FOR BETTER ENVIRONMENT’. The idea was to raise awareness about increased fuel consumption causing depletion in natural resources which is directly effecting our environment. As many as 16 selected students participated in this competition and the winners will further be given an opportunity to compete on the Regional level. 


TEACHERS day commemorates TEACHERS around the globe and their commitment to children and learning. The birthday of Second President of India Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnan was celebrated in YPS with great zest and zeal. The incense of joy, happiness, delightment and glee was diffused in the aura of the school. In this euphoria, students organised a profusion of performances as a tribute to their TEACHERS.

The Amphitheatre of the school came alive with the presence of all the staff and students. The celebrations kicked off with the performance of our blooming buds….our Prep school students, who mesmerised everyone with their dance performances and odes of love and respect for their TEACHERS. The Junior students danced on the medley of songs dedicated to role of a TEACHER in life. The senior students staged solo performances and gave teachers some break and sigh of relief from their daily teaching schedule by taking over their classes as they were student-teachers that day.

Where some students expressed through cards and flowers, others chose heart felt special morning wishes to show their gratitude towards their TEACHER. TEACHERS were overwhelmed with the love of their students. Dedicated to the TEACHERS….the pillars of life….this day will always be marked with pride, admiration, happiness and gratification.


Yes….these were the directions given to class IV-V students for Just a Minute competition held in Junior School. It was like an extempore, where kids had to deliver accuracy, fluency spontaneously. The core idea behind conducting this activity was to instill skills of understanding, gathering the tidings and thoughts and articulating them in given span of time. It actually helps in enhancing communication skills and fluency in particular language. All the students spoke eloquently on the topics given to them.

Seed Germination


Kids and seeds relate to each other in immaturity, tenderness…… bearing inside the fruits of life. The seeds of today will bloom into beautiful flowers tomorrow. Seed Germination activity was organised in Prep wing of the school. The purpose was to make students aware about the origin of fruits and vegetables, the importance of planting trees and their effect on the environment and most importantly the value of life. In this activity, kids enjoyed a lot while having hands on experience of growing seeds in small pots and watering them. To make them grasp better, audio visual, rhymes, and story techniques were used. Not only this is fascinating, it also provides a great opportunity to build basic science and nature knowledge along the way.



The Interhouse Cross Country Race for the session 2018-19 took place on Sunday at YPS, Patiala. The students from class VI –XII took part in this race with gusto. All the students ran with great enthusiasm. The Director, Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma flagged off the race in the morning at 6:20 AM.

Cross Country race is most awaited event of the school and is practised every year with huge enthusiasm, liveliness, spark and great energy. All the students of classes VI-XII participated ran miles competing with each other. They had to run along the distance of approximately 5 kms. The students were divided in four groups and their paths were directed to them beforehand. Even the staff members were appointed at all the turning points to ensure the discipline and safety of students. They all went through training and practice sessions almost for a month to prepare themselves for the rigours of the race.

Cross Country Run comes under umbrella sport Athletics, and is practiced quarterly in YPS.  It is a great fitness sport which strengthen mind and body. Since it was an Interhouse competition, house spirit was quite evident in everyone’s pace of running. 


Toddler’s mind is abode to all the dreams, imaginations and fantasies. Rhyming give words to their thoughts. It is always an amusing sight to watch tiny tots perform. Keeping this in mind English Recitation Competition for Prep II students was organised. All the children who participated in this competition came prepared with different rhymes of their choice with different themes like …books and their significance, water and its significance, fire safety, spring is here, changing seasons, fairy tales, the Earth is my mother, the monster, my school promise and many more. Each child was given a chance to recite a rhyme and it was a delight to hear these little ones singing in rhyme and rhythm. All the participants showed their confidence, expression & talent in the competition & had a gala time together.


A little spark in their minds can enlighten everyone around. Children are the shining stars which can assimilate the light of knowledge to further spread the sparks to enlighten others. We often start teaching our children from very tender age. Their minds grasp every bit of direct and indirect teaching. We, at YPS, try our best to provide a world of knowledge to our students and also keep on testing their stack of information. In context to that, G.K Quiz was organised for class IV and V. They were asked the array of questions related to Science, sports, general awareness, dance, yoga, music and many more. There was a rapid fire round to test their off the cuff skills. The quiz hall was filled with excitement and eagerness to deliver the right answer and perform better than others to clinch the winning title.

Bhav Abhivyakti competition

HINDI, our mother language…..we are proud of it as it is part of one of the oldest richest literary tradition of the world and reflects our rich, distinct cultural heritage and ideology. Living in multilingual society, maintaining the pride of your native language is vital for the preservation of our heritage for the upcoming generations. Cognizant of the responsibility to make students more comfortable in their native language, Bhav abhivyakti...(HINDI POEM RECITATION) competition was organised for classes IV and V. Their joy of expressing in their native language was quite evident in their voice.


It was like express and win. The students of Junior School participated in English handwriting and Creative writing competition today. The students of class I-II were asked to write a good and neat hand, whereas classes III-V were invited to pen down their vivid imaginations in form of creative writing under different topics like…..Flag, If I had a magic wand..,If there was no electricity…, The moment I looked behind and many more. It was a part of class activity. Such activities promote desire to read and write and also enhances observation skills and vocabulary.


72nd Independence day was celebrated in YPS, Patiala with gaiety and fervour. The whole campus resonated with patriotic songs sung by our children. Selected students dressed in tri-colour clothes danced on heart pumping patriotic songs and the national flag waving instilled more nationalism and loyalism in the air.

The students of the school spoke eloquently about freedom fighters and significance of freedom and also relayed a message to be a good citizen. “Hum kamyaab the, hain aur rahengae…” were the motivational lyrics of song sung by school choir. The tiny tots also performed, who were dressed in tri colour clothes to enhance the spirit of nationalism. The patriotism was contagious at the YPS campus as all the students and staff members took part in the celebration.

Director of YPS, Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma complimented them for their performances and urged them to value their independence as it took hundreds of years and innumerable lives to break the shackles of slavery.


Etiquette …..seems very complicated sophisticated word to most of us. But it actually plays very important part in our career success. In today’s competitive world, presentation is as vital as the knowledge. Good manners and etiquettes makes you stand out of crowd.  In order to make our students more and more civilized, Mrs. Nandini Varma, a very well known Etiquette Expert, conducts a workshop on basic etiquettes in our school every month. The purpose is to develop a strong social skills in the students that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. Today’s topic was Dining Etiquettes. We often find ourselves stuck in a situation where it is difficult to decide what to do and how to react at very situation. Through this highly informative and entertaining session, students learnt the value of proper behaviour, respect and discover new aspects which will gradually make them more genteel  human beings. After all , both Education and Etiquette go hand in hand on the path to success.


To develop and maintain healthy eating habits is vital in growth years of a child. As we always believe and say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body…..we should instill good eating habits in our children. It is mandatory for their holistic growth and development. In context to that, an interactive session on Healthy eating habits was conducted in Junior Wing premises on Saturday. This session was conducted by Mrs. Anisha Gaur, who is Doctorate in Diet and Nutrition and presently working on a project under UNICEF in PGI, Chandigarh. She herself follow a healthy lifestyle and urged the students to do the same by showing them presentations on good and bad eating habits, you are what you eat and many more. The target audience were class V students. They were enlightened about rewards of maintaining active lifestyle and how to curb your hunger for junk food by replacing them with super foods. All the students actively participated in this highly informative session.  


Two students of YPS, Patiala brought laurels to the school by winning awards in Business Quiz organised by Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie. A total number of 30 schools participated in this quiz, which was split in five different sections…i.e: Written round, Auction round, Vine Video round, Logo making and finally the Enactment round. Through this Quiz, students got a chance to enhance their business skills.  Ekam pratap was awarded for his Outstanding Performance and Jagteshwar won the Best Promising Student award. YPS always try to give students out of the classroom experience so that they can excel higher standard of education which gradually help them achieve higher standards of living as well.


Here, again comes our Junior School highlights of the day……they are poets, they are Orthographers… this time…they are ARTISTS. We believe every child is an artist as they are the purest creation of God. In context to that, an Art and Craft competition was held at Junior Wing. It was open to all classes(I-V). They were directed to come up with their creative ideas on different topics. The topics were like…… My Favourite season, My birthday party, Rakhi from waste material and our students presented amazing craft work. The winners are yet to be decided. The best entries will be selected by our expert team of Judges.


“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and thoughts has found the words" - Robert Frost

A poetry writing competition was organised by our Junior Wing. The idea was to let the children explore and encourage them to pen down their flood of thoughts in a rhythm of their heart. Students of class IV and V participated in this soulful competition. Poetry writing is an art. Students were asked to express their thoughts on topics like….Friends, Rainy season , Flowers and The boy in rags. It was open to all the students of both standards. We were overwhelmed by the entries we received and the amazing creativity of young minds. Albeit, it is hard task to choose but the best one definitely deserve an applaud.


Anxiety…..Enthusiasm….and the atmosphere was ‘buzzing’ at the YPS Junior School Spell Bee Competition venue today. It was an Inter Class Activity. Students for spell bee competition were selected after the written spell check done in their classes earlier in this week. Total number of 16 students battled it out to become spelling champions.  It was really a tough task….like “SPELL OUT OR SPILL OUT”…as every round was a knock out round….the spellers showed outstanding confidence and did a commendable job when they were asked to spell a vast numbers of words….they listened….comprehended and then…..our spelling wizards spelled the words with unflinching ease..

After the exciting nail biting rounds, we finally had our 5 spell bee winners….on for each standard (I-V). All the participants worked hard from very first stage of this competition to prepare themselves for this spelling challenge and we are proud of our young spellers….


11 NCC cadets of YPS were on cycling expedition for a social cause under the patronage of The Health Department of Patiala. These cycling enthusiasts covered almost 7-8kms in Patiala City spreading awareness about Dengue and Chikangunia.   Above all, It’s learning which makes you educated…..but spreading your knowledge is imperative for success and well being.  Our students did that today.


Round Squares are diverse and innovative global network of Schools where participating students develop confidence, connect with wider world and develop responsible leadership qualities. A delegation of 10 students along with teacher escort Ms. Amita Nirmal attended Round Square conference at Genesis Global School from May 27 – May 30. All the students worked in five Barazza groups on the theme “Reducing Inequalities”. They served in an animal shelter and painted the walls of NGO School.

Key speaker for the event was Mr. Shriyans Bhandari, Founder-Green Sole, an organisation that recycles discarded and old shoes and donate them to underprivileged school students.  

Mr. Kabir Mustafi, an eminent educationist, enlightened them how to reduce inequalities.


A book is a magical thing that lets you travel far flung places without even leaving your chair. Enchanted by the magic of books, a book fair was organised at YPS, Patiala. A wide range of book on all disciplines was displayed for students, teachers and parents. As summer holidays have commenced, this is the right time for students to get engaged in reading hobby. It will give them an opportunity to instill a love for reading that will last a lifetime. Here’s a glimpse of the book fair.


A good planning always has some elements of creativity and fun. To make the routine  interactive and interesting,a Chart Making and Model Making Competition was organised in the Junior School today.
It was a day to learn by doing,to learn with fun and to  learn with friends.
Excited  enthusiastic and eager and teeming with ideas, the students of Class IV and V ,with all their  paraphernalia were ready to give their very best .
The students worked in groups and were asked to choose from two topics:
Yes,there were some innocent arguments and also some  pleadings ,cause each child with his/ her thinking cap on ,vouched that their idea and layout was the best. After lots of debating and deliberating ,they reached  a consensus,and in the end  they proudly stood together as a team , displaying amazing talents and great results.
We always  believed that 
Creativity is Intelligence having fun
They proved it.


An electrifying performance by the Prep School students of YPS, Patiala mesmerised everyone who saw the little kids perform GHOOMAR. Dressed up in traditional attires, the cute little dancer’s joy was clearly visible on their faces.

The activity area of prep school was decorated with flowers and Rangoli depicting different cultures of India. Little kids put up a scintillating performance on GHOOMAR Song featuring all the folk dances of India like GHOOMAR, LAAVANI, GHARBHA, etc. and their religious significances. Students used their props like DANDIA STICKS, DRUMS, etc with much ease.

Prep School Principal, Mrs. Anju Pandey welcomed the Director of YPS, Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma and Bursar, Mr. Vikram Singh along with Mrs. Nishi Bhatnagar(Deputy Head Mistress) and Mrs. Amrit rawel ( Head Junior School) on this cultural presentation event. They felt elated and applauded the efforts made by teachers and students.

This was perhaps the best way to make little kids familiarise about cultural diversity of India. Group dancing ingrains the team spirit and coordination.



Prep Wing of YPS, Patiala was loaded with freshness and aroma of seasonal fruits. We organised two days fruit carnival. The celebration was stretched over a week. Summer season bids arrival of succulent fruits of varied benefits. Fruits are kids best friends as they provide all the essential nutrients required for healthy growth of a child.

The Activity Area of Prep Wing was decorated with all the colourful fruit images. The little berries from prep branch of YPStree tapped their feet on fruit rhymes like “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” and “Mango is the king of Fruits and our National Fruit”. It was a wonderful way to show the significance and usage of fruits. At YPS, we believe in hands on experience, hence, all the children were directed to bring variety of fruits. Through this activity, we aimed at developing an understanding about fruits texture, colour, size, smell, taste and importance of all the fruits amongst the students.  Crunchy apples, juicy mangoes, pulpy oranges and ripe bananas…..good for eyes….good for skin….were the slogans all kids were chanting throughout the day.

Handwriting competition

Handwriting is a unique way of imprinting your thoughts on a piece of paper. It is an essential skill for children. A good handwriting makes an everlasting impression on people’s mind. It requires a good coordination of brain and hand which gradually activates visual perception of letters.  Handwriting skills have much importance in the initial school years of a child.

 At YPS, we give emphasis on overall excellence. A handwriting competition was held at Junior Wing of YPS, Patiala on Saturday, May 19.  All the students of class I-V participated in this competition. It was conducted in three phases. Students were judged on the style, neatness and layout of handwriting. Such activities are carried on regular basis in the school to encourage the joy of writing beautifully.


In order to extend our support to the Punjab Government in their Campaign to eradicate Measles and Rubella, a Vaccination Camp was organised in Yadavindra Public School, Patiala. More than 600 students were vaccinated by the team of expert doctors from Health Department. The students from Prep, Junior as well as Senior School were given this vaccination. YPS Academic Coordinator Mrs. Kanwaldeep Kaur was appointed as Nodal Officer for this campaign in the school. This campaign was successfully conducted for two consecutive days.

After all the negative publicity done against MR campaign, YPS Director Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma himself came forward and exhorted the students to get the vaccination done as this will immune them from deadly diseases like Measles and Rubella. Dr. Sundeep Singh, Medical Officer said, “I am very happy to see students and parents cooperating in this vaccination drive. Their smiles encourage us to keep this campaign going with more dedication so that we can create disease free environment for them”.

YPS, Patiala is always dedicated towards overall well-being of students. We believe a healthy mind reside in a healthy body which is important key to success. Hence, we give equal importance to academics, sports and health of our students. We encourage students to develop a healthy lifestyle that will enable them to learn and produce more in the classroom which can improve their performance and achievements later in life.


As we all get fascinated about the far flung world in the Space, YPS, Patiala students took a virtual tour to the Space. YPS students attended Mission Discovery Programme hosted by Mayo College, Ajmer. Two students Anoopinder Singh of class 7(P) and Savr Bansal of class 8(N) along with teacher escort Mr. Satnam Singh attended this Discovery Programme.

This workshop was organised by Young Edsplorer in partnership with ISSET (international space school educational trust), where chief scientists from ISSET and King’s College London, England and renowned Retd. NASA Astraunaut conducted a stimulating workshop for the students across the Country and took them on a virtual tour to the space when he shared his splendiferous experiences about the space station experiments, expedition.

Mission Discovery evolved as an illuminating and enlightening experience for the students when they were directed to design experiments which can be launched in space station. Our students emerged as an innovator as they performed an experiment on “The Nutrient transfer of plants in Space”.

These opportunities come once in a blue Moon.

We have accomplished one mission creatively well

And setting out for many more………

 As Sky is the limit for those…….

 Who are always willing to learn and explore.

English and Punjabi Recitation Competition

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.
Recitation is a skill that encompasses the development of speech and stage confidence.Through the medium of recitation, children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme ,rhythm and music of words.  Taking all these facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence when they participated in the English Recitation Competition held on 10th of May and Punjabi Recitation Competition held on 14 th of May for classes I to V in the Junior School. The children chose a variety of interesting poems and recited them with great enthusiasm.The selection of participants was based on their performance in the Class Recitation.  
The participants were judged by a panel of three judges.
Though ,we did take out the first three  positions , but all the participants had put in their best efforts to give a great performance.The participants were applauded and congratulated for their performance by the Head Junior School,Mrs.Amrit Rawel.
Until Junior School's next update ,it's bye ...bye 


Platinum Category Prize Distribution ..Junior School

A little progress each day adds up to the result.

Platinum Category Prize Distribution ..Junior School 

Recognizing,applauding and  rewarding the students for their hard work has been considered as an important aspect in motivating them to give  their best always.

A total of 355 students from classes I to V ( session 2017-18)were awarded the Platinum Category certificates by the School Director,Maj.Gen Sanjiv Varma.

It was a moment of pride and honour for the children to receive the awards from the Director .The excitement and happiness on their faces when they shook hands with the Director ,made it more memorable .These little steps of encouragement and praise go a long way in making the children happier and confident.

Dough Modelling ( Class I)

The magic of Play dough
Nimble fingers,happy faces, tons of ideas  swishing ,rolling , sculpting, moulding and loads of colourful play dough.......
This was the scene in the Class I corridor on the morning of  April 28 th ,a Saturday.,when the Dough Modelling activity was on .
The  happiness of the children  was contagious and  their enthusiasm made their objects come to life.
If we had purple grapes,we had luscious  red apples also ,if we had a caterpillar ,there was a butterfly  ready to fly,  in these forty minutes we invented so many different flowers and trees of all imagineable shapes and sizes,that we could make our own garden.......the creativity of the kids knew no bounds.
Apart from the fun and joy involved, the activity had a deeper purpose also.
Play dough ,scientifically proved ,supports development in many areas,  also the pounding and flattening of dough are a safe outlet for extra energy ,more so it gives their imagination wings and also aids  in  learning new vocabulary.
At the end of  the activity we had smeared hands,messy faces  and beautiful smiles on their faces.

Reading Competition Classes I to V

The more you read, the more things  you know.
The more that you will learn,  the more places  you'll go.
To encourage our young minds to read and to read with fluency, clarity and correct pronunciation, Reading Competitions are earmarked as red letter days in the Junior School Calendar.
A Reading Competition was held on  the 27 th of April in the school.Two children from each section, hence a total of 40 students were chosen to participate.A pre requisite to the selection procedure was a reading test in the class  to provide a platform for every child to read and for a fair deal.
The children read amazingly well,with voice modulation,expression and confidence.The younger ones skipped the difficult word,so as not to hinder their fluency and the smarter ones tried giving innocent looks to the judges to help them.
At the end we can only say 


In a philanthropist act, YPS students contributed its share in society by donating books and clothes to less fortunate and under privileged children. Education is a fundamental right. But there are so many children who are not fortunate enough. Due to several reasons like poverty, they are deprived of basic facilities of life. YPS Director Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma has come forward to help such children by providing the books and clothes to them. He urged the school students to donate for under privileged children following which the initiative took final shape. 

 All the students voluntary participated in this noble cause. The students collected the old books and clothes, which they are not going to use anymore. The school staff then handed over these books to the Har Hath Kalam(a Non-Govt. Organisation who works for promoting education among deprived children). These books will be distributed amongst the most needy and poor children.


Kid’s minds are not built to sit and be taught. They are built to explore, play and learn. At YPS, we believe in the holistic development of our students. Along with academics, sports and extra-curricular activities have always been our focus. Hence, an Adventure Day was organised for prep II- class III today. The school cricket stadium came alive with the happiness, laughter and excitement of the students. This fun loaded camp was full of activities that were aimed at self-management and direct learning of life and leadership skills. The activities were conducted by trained instructors of the Rocksport Adventure Camp, New Delhi. More than 400 students actively participated in this Adventure Camp. All the preventive measures were taken to ensure the safety of the children. Following were some of today’s Adventure Camp activities:

  1. Zip line
  2. Laser beam
  3. Commando net
  4. Happily Hop race
  5. Dragon move
  6. Hop scotch
  7. Commando crawl
  8. Magical maze
  9. Cross fire
  10. Tyre maze
  11. Sport climbing
  12. Burma bridge
  13. Shalimar hop

All the students enjoyed performing all these activities. At the end…..


Their feet and clothes were dirty,

                Their hair were messy,

But…..their eyes were SPARKLING……when they called it a day.