Co-curricular Activities:

Poetry Recitation Competition in Prep School

Taking forward the school's  pledge to do the best, a debut poetry recitation competition of Prep II children was organised. All the ninety-six students of Prep.II were given one poem to prepare. Thereafter, every child got the opportunity to go on to the stage and recite the poem. Each section chose the best three boys and the best three girls, resulting in a total of eighteen participants in the competition.This helped in boosting their confidence,developing literacy skills, phonemic awareness, memorization skills,learning about rhyming words and in self-expression. 

YPS, Patiala, wins Inter-School English Debate at PPS, Nabha

A team of seven students participated in the JK Kate Knowledge Conclave hosted by Punjab Public School, Nabha .YPS, Patiala, team comprising Khushalam , XII Arts,  Sehajnoor Singh, XN, and Keerat Kaur, were the winners of the Inter-School English Debate .  Khushalam also won the Spell Bee competition.

Just A Minute competition

To build up the extemporaneous speaking skills of children, which include quick thinking, together with good speaking without hesitation, repetition and deviation and appropriate use of words, a Just A Minute (JAM)competition was organised in the Junior School on the 21st of August for students of classes IV and V.


The much heard and loved story, GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, was enacted on stage. An enthralling performance by Prep.II-O children found clapping sounds reverberating in the Prep.Wing, encouraging and applauding their fellow mates. 

Kids narrated each scene flawlessly and with full confidence. Gurjas as the lively Goldilocks, Aaradhya as the loving and caring Mummy Bear, Zubair, the fat stern looking Papa Bear and Shashank, the vivacious Baby Bear played their roles beautifully.   

Independence day Celebrations

On 11th August 2017, Prep. School saw a class presentation on National Integration. Our tiny tots narrated the importance of this celebration, how our country got rid of the British and Mr Nehru took over the reigns as our first prime minister. They mentioned the parade at the red fort and the current prime minister taking the salute.

 Kids were shown all the National Symbols of India and the history of British rule was narrated.They performed folk dances of four different states concluded with the famous patriotic song "Jai Ho!".  


Rakhee celebrations

Raksha-Bandha the famous Indian festival which strengthens the bond between a brother and a sister was celebrated by the making of Rakhees. We observed the use of vibrant colours and the eagerness with which our kids made them, and in the making learnt shapes and colours. An enriching experience that gave the kids a sense of emotional bonding, aesthetic sense and boosted their self-esteem as they felt proud of their achievement of achievement.