Co-curricular Activities:

Reading Competition in Prep School

Albert Einstein once said," It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge".  

Keeping the ethos alive, Prep. School provides an environment where activities of storytelling, picture comprehension and the reading of print is a regular feature. 

To add another feather to our cap, this year we introduced the Reading Competition. Three boys and three girls from each section of Prep.II, i.e. a total of 18 children participated. They were judged on the basis of pronunciation, clarity and fluency. Each child had to read a set of sight-words and then an unseen passage. Three junior school teachers judged the competition. The performance of the participants was par excellence and was applauded by one and all.  


MUN Conference at Budha Dal School, Patiala

The students of YPS continue to bring laurels to the school, in what has been an exceedingly outstanding year at Model United Nations conferences. A delegation comprising of 17 students participated at Budha Dal Model United Nations, held from 23-24 December, 2017. It was an exceptional performance from the contingent, which yielded the following commendations-

  • Barunpreet Singh was awarded a Verbal Mention, representing Syria in the United Nations Security Council;
  • Jagteshwar Singh was awarded the Best Delegate, representing United Kingdom in the United Nations Security Council;
  • Jessica Juneja was awarded the Best Delegate, representing Akhilesh Yadav in the All India Political Parties Meet;
  • Raushni Kaura was awarded a Special Mention, representing Mamata Bannerjee in the All India Political Parties Meet;
  • Charvi Dubey was awarded a Special Mention, representing Congo in the United Nations Human Rights Council;
  • Shemoila Saini was awarded a Special Mention, representing Israel in  the United Nations General Assembly;
  • Khush Aalam Singh was adjudged as the Secretary General’s Best Delegate for the conference, representing United Kingdom in the United Nations General Assembly

The school delegation, owing to these individual performances, was also awarded the Best Delegation award for the conference. 

Round Square Conference at PPS, Nabha

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. This holds true for our group of ten students who attended a Round Square Conference organized by PPS Nabha from 8th Dec-10th Dec, 2017. The theme of the conference was ‘Greatness out of small things’ the students participated in Barazza sessions and learned art activities under the guidance of scrap artist, Shikha Shah(founder of Scrapshala). The conference was a lifetime learning experience for the students.

Poetry recitation in Prep School

It is rightly said that the beautiful thing about learning is that ‘Nobody can take it away from you’. Incorporating this confidence in our prep school children from the very beginning, the school held an activity to make the tiny tots learn how to stand on the stage and face the audience. Developing their vocabulary, memorising big English words and standing in front of the mike while reciting the poems was not a cake walk for these four-year-olds who have again proved their mettle with a well-earned round of applause.

MUN Updates

A delegation of ten students took part in a MUN hosted by Genesis Global School, Noida from 10th to 12th November.The school team lifted the Runners Up Trophy in the 'Best Delegation' category. The following students bagged individual prizes:

1. Sidhharth Kaushik was adjudged 'The Best Delegate' in the committee 'Transfer Policy Meet' (Real Madrid)
2. Guraashish won 'The Best Delegate' prize for his efforts in the committee 'Transfer Policy Meet' (Manchester United)
3. Mehul Arora's efforts were appreciated and he was awarded a 'Special Mention' as a representative of USA in the UNHRC committee.

Prep.School Picnic

Picnic, the very word that symbolises fun, frolic, excitement, and gaiety, pumps in extra energy into every soul. Like every year, this year too we planned our trip to the Dhillon's Fun World. Organising the children in the school buses, keeping the first aid box, the mats, napkins and eatables, we set off to our favourite destination, "The Dhillon's Fun World". 

The tiny tots were delighted at taking the various rides. The different types of trains, scooter rides, the swinging Columbus and the thrilling haunted cave were worth an experience. The enlightening 5D show at the theatre added another sparkle to our day. A day filled with fond memories we set back to school.

Khushwant Singh Literary Festival

Khushalam, Navraj, Navreet, Hargun and Kshirja, along with their teacher Sukhpal Singh, got an opportunity to visit for attending the Khushwant Singh Literary Festival. It was a great experience for the students to interact with journalists Rajdeep Sardesai, Nidhi Razdanm author Vikram Seth and many other dignitaries.

Prep School Annual Athletic Meet

The annual  Prep School Athletic Meet was held this month, with this year, for the first time, it being stretched over a period of four days.The meet included relays, hurdles race, collect the tennis balls and complete the run, Kick and dribble the football race.

As it is commonly observed that most children develop the ability to run and walk, but they require practice and instructions to do more complex activities such as hop, slide, catch, jump, throw, kick, bounce and strike. Such exercises besides training the children in these things,  help them use their energy positively and develop the spirit of sportsmanship at a very early age.

 A great deal of enthusiasm amongst the tiny tots was evident in the cheering and encouragement they extended towards their friends, during the course of the exciting meet.

Go Green, Think Green, Act Green

A new trend of celebrating birthdays by planting trees and chanting the benefits of it, teaches the tiny tots to be mindful and sensitive to our environment. Earlier in the year Shivika Puri of Prep.II and now, Karansher and Aagam, again of Prep.II took pride in doing so. To name a few, we've planted Ashoka, Gulmohar, Guava, Pear and Palm trees.

Turncoat Debate held at Pine Grove School , Dharampur

YPS debate team, consisting of Ankita Goyal and Jessica Juneja along with researcher Noorpreet,all students of Class XI, has made the school proud once again by bagging Consolation prizes in the Mohinder Bilingual Turncoat Debate held at Pine Grove School , Dharampur. The event was a challenging experience for the  team as they had to present their views in both languages i.e. Hindi and English. The event took place from 8th September to 10th September 2017.

Poetry Recitation Competition in Prep School

Taking forward the school's  pledge to do the best, a debut poetry recitation competition of Prep II children was organised. All the ninety-six students of Prep.II were given one poem to prepare. Thereafter, every child got the opportunity to go on to the stage and recite the poem. Each section chose the best three boys and the best three girls, resulting in a total of eighteen participants in the competition.This helped in boosting their confidence,developing literacy skills, phonemic awareness, memorization skills,learning about rhyming words and in self-expression. 

YPS, Patiala, wins Inter-School English Debate at PPS, Nabha

A team of seven students participated in the JK Kate Knowledge Conclave hosted by Punjab Public School, Nabha .YPS, Patiala, team comprising Khushalam , XII Arts,  Sehajnoor Singh, XN, and Keerat Kaur, were the winners of the Inter-School English Debate .  Khushalam also won the Spell Bee competition.

Just A Minute competition

To build up the extemporaneous speaking skills of children, which include quick thinking, together with good speaking without hesitation, repetition and deviation and appropriate use of words, a Just A Minute (JAM)competition was organised in the Junior School on the 21st of August for students of classes IV and V.


The much heard and loved story, GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, was enacted on stage. An enthralling performance by Prep.II-O children found clapping sounds reverberating in the Prep.Wing, encouraging and applauding their fellow mates. 

Kids narrated each scene flawlessly and with full confidence. Gurjas as the lively Goldilocks, Aaradhya as the loving and caring Mummy Bear, Zubair, the fat stern looking Papa Bear and Shashank, the vivacious Baby Bear played their roles beautifully.   

Independence day Celebrations

On 11th August 2017, Prep. School saw a class presentation on National Integration. Our tiny tots narrated the importance of this celebration, how our country got rid of the British and Mr Nehru took over the reigns as our first prime minister. They mentioned the parade at the red fort and the current prime minister taking the salute.

 Kids were shown all the National Symbols of India and the history of British rule was narrated.They performed folk dances of four different states concluded with the famous patriotic song "Jai Ho!".  


Rakhee celebrations

Raksha-Bandha the famous Indian festival which strengthens the bond between a brother and a sister was celebrated by the making of Rakhees. We observed the use of vibrant colours and the eagerness with which our kids made them, and in the making learnt shapes and colours. An enriching experience that gave the kids a sense of emotional bonding, aesthetic sense and boosted their self-esteem as they felt proud of their achievement of achievement.