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MUN Updates

Yadavindrians exhibited a phenomenal performance in the MUNs held recently at two different places.

A team of 10 students with a teacher escort Mrs. Kanwaldeep Kaur, attended an MUN organised by PPS, Nabha on April 15-18. Around 260 delegates from 22 different schools from across the country participated in this event. The theme of the conference was ‘Ameliorating the world for Posterity’. Shubhav Garg of class X got special mention award, Inayat Grewal (IX) and Paresa sarao (X) got verbal mention.

Another team of 8 students and a teacher escort Mrs. Preeti Aulakh went to RajKumar College, Rajkot to attend IPSC MUN. Aayush Sharma of class X won Special Mention Award for his excellent research on the theme ‘Ensuring Sustainable Solution’. Another students, Sankalp Mittal, Mehul Goyal and Rehmat Walia got verbal mention and appreciation for their performance.

Our students researched well on the topic which was also reflected in their position papers, was highly acknowledged by all.