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Exchanging cultures, values and beliefs can pave the way for harmony and peace in the world. It knocks aside the differences and build up on similarities. There will be no peace in the world without compassion and acceptance towards each other.

With an idea to promote Indian culture worldwide and to develop better understanding and knowledge to create a peaceful world, YPS hosted a group of 19 students and 2 teachers escort from France for a week long Cultural Exchange Programme from October 12-19. This visit had been organised under the aegis of AFS, India.

The staff and the students of Lycee Clos Maire School of Beaune, France visited YPS, Patiala for an Intercultural learning Exchange Programme. During the programme, they explored different facets of rich and diverse cultures of India by visiting various places in Delhi and Punjab like Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Akshardham Temple, Parliament House, India Gate and many more places holding historical significance. The families of YPS students and some staff members voluntarily hosted the French delegates.

During their campus tour at YPS, they learned about different pedagogical measures adopted for classroom interactions. They savoured the best and authentic Punjabi cuisines during their cookery workshop. The foot tapping Bhangra and music sessions were also planned to show them the pulse of Punjab. The comprehensive itinerary also included visit to Sikh Museum, Yoga, Art and Craft workshop, Industrial visit to Hindustan Lever Ltd., visit to local market, sightseeing and many more interesting activities. Since, we are at the threshold of promoting our Punjabi culture and religion worldwide on the upcoming 550th Birth Anniversary Guru Nanak Dev Ji, these French students keenly visited Gurudwaras and Sikh museums to learn about Punjabi culture and Sikh religion.

With an intention to promote this French bond with Punjab, a media interaction session was also organised in the campus. During their interview, they shared their experiences about their visit to Punjab. They enjoyed the festive mood of Punjab during their stay and were overwhelmed by the generosity and benevolence of the people. “We are really impressed with the culture and religion of Punjab. 550th year celebration of Guruji is an eye opener for us that how a religion is growing with dignity,” said Marc Gabriel Doudin, teacher escort with France group.

A cultural evening was organised to bid adieu to our special guests. The students of YPS performed Ghoomar dance. Whereas, French students performed Bhangra and sang Hindi song which they had learnt in music workshop. It was such a delight to watch young generation adapting each other’s culture. “We have learned so many things like Bhangra, Gidha and pleased to know that people respect elders,” expressed Mary Ambre, one of the French student.