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Childhood means…..unlimited fun, bountiful laughter moments and prolific love and care. YPS teachers have tried their best to provide all mentioned above in every possible way on the special day today. The day commenced with a special morning assemblies in all the three wings (Prep, junior and Senior). It was a day dedicated to the children. The teachers sang the morning prayer in chorus. The celebrations included several amusing performances by the teachers. The melodious rendition of famous Bollywood number ‘Give me some sunshine’ and ‘Lakdi ki kaathi’ was a feast for the ears and a short play depicting day to day mischiefs of the students tickled everyone’s funny bones. Few teachers also acted and styled themselves as a kid, presented few dance performances and many more to make everyone’s spirit soar. The prep school students had a picnic time and were allowed to bring their choice of food.

While keeping the solemnity of the occasion, everyone remembered the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and his immense love for the children. It was indeed a blissful start of the day with the kids’ laughter echoing in every corner of the school. The day lent an everlasting smile on innocent faces and the memories to linger on for long. May all the love and laughter stay on each face forever. Happy Children’s Day.