Academic Facility :

Class Rooms

The classrooms are spacious, well-lighted, large and airy and provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning. The children and teachers take keen interest in maintaining cleanliness and decoration of their classrooms.

Many class rooms are fitted with interactive boards and networking facilities. Lessons are delivered through use of advanced technology including LCD projectors, Laptops etc to make the lessons more informative, interactive and interesting.

Computer Centre

The School has three computer labs - one in Junior Wing and two in the Senior Wing. Powerful and state of art computers have been installed with latest software applications.

Computer lab has the latest, state of the art computers equipped with the current software and students are taught to work on the computer right from class III onwards. For the junior school, one period in a week is slotted for playing computer games which are concept related and promote interest in the subjects.

Laboratories & Library

The school has well set up science laboratories. A sincere effort is made to encourage students to learn through research and conducting experiments to enhance their theoretical learning.

The large library housing thousands of books, periodicals, magazines, comics, reference books and newspapers is indeed the pride of the school and the seat of learning in the true sense of the word. Computers have been set up in the library and provided with high –speed internet connection to enable students to research information available on the internet.

Junior School has a separate library which boasts of a wide variety of books to suit all tastes. A regular library class and various book reading related activities in Junior school ensure that little minds develop reading habits at an early age.

Digital Library -  During Covid-19 lockdown, the school ensured that students did not suffer due to inaccessibility of books and kept up a regular supply of digital newspaper, comics, self- help books and other books which were passed on to the students via their class groups.


Parent Teacher Meetings

At YPS, regular interaction with parents is considered essential for the wholesome development of the child. Formal PTMs are held once in every term where parents can meet the teachers and discuss about the progress of their ward. However, in case of any query or problem, the teachers are easily accessible on the phone or can be personally met with a prior permission of the Deputy Headmaster.

Virtual Meetings with Parents-  During lockdown period,  parent –teacher meetings were being regularly held via zoom sessions. The situation demanded extra attention and guidance and special meetings were conducted- ‘Samvaad a’te Samvedna’counselling sessions were held with parents to share ideas and experiences to overcome and cope with the challenges that the Pandemic brought in its wake.

Virtual Meetings with Students- regular counselling sessions with the school counsellor provided a platform to students where they could freely share their deepest fears, uncertainties and experiences to gain perspective and confidence during the Covid times.

English Language Lab

English Language Lab has audio –video devices which are used to improve the pronunciation and vocabulary of the students and help them to comprehend the language phonetically. The teacher can upload whatever content she feels that the students require extra practice in and that is rehearsed in the lab using the audio-visual medium. Regular classes are slotted in the time-table for students to practice in the English lab from class IV onwards.

Optional Subjects:

YPS is a co-educational, residential school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations [CISCE] board of Education. Students are admitted as Day scholars in class I and as boarders from class V onwards. There are four sections for each class upto class X and in XI and XII; students can opt from the three streams, namely, Science, Commerce and Humanities. Each section has upto 25 students.

Optional Subjects:

YPS offers a wide variety of optional subjects to students in XI such as Physical Education, Fine Arts, Home Science, Computer Science, Punjabi, Hindi, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, History, Economics and Mathematics.

In class IX, students can opt for Hindi, Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Physical Education or Fine Arts in addition to their regular subjects.

Students from other states than Punjab, who have not studied Punjabi at all may be allowed to opt for Hindi instead of Punjabi in class IX.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab-  In order to promote an interest in technology and ‘STEM’ learning, students from class 3 onwards are introduced to 3D printing and under the tutelage of trained faculty, senior students learn the basics of robotics. Not only does this facility create an interest in technology and engineering but is also a stepping stone for a career in this field.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Lab uses ‘Mindspark’ portal to promote concept comprehension and improve mental maths calculations. Students can access the Mindspark activities/worksheets from home as well and the continuous process of attempting the fun filled activities leads to a marked improvement in the scores as well as their confidence in the subject.

Latest Development:

From the session 2021-2022, ‘Mindspark’ portal has been introduced in the subject of Science and English as well.  In English, reading and listening passages which are followed by MCQs and other objective activities enhance interest in the subject and provide the much needed exposure to the language, thereby improving the skill of the students in English comprehension and speaking.

Science Mindspark activities also aim at creating a love for science and inculcating a scientific temper in the children by exposing them to fun activities and quizzes which help them to understand and test their conceptual knowledge.