Boarding Facility :

Boarding Houses

Yadavindra Public School Patiala is a boarding cum day school. The Boarders are provided with all facilities required for a holistic development.

The boarders are allotted one of three Houses -Phulkian House , Dhani Ram House , Mohindra House.The boarder boys stay in a three storey residential complex , whereas the girls stay in  a separate Girls Boarding House and Junior boys ( classes IV –VI ) in the Holding House.


Living away from home and residing on campus in well-equipped dormitories for all seasons provides the students with all essential requirements to live- a Learning conducive environment, athletic field, courts and grounds. At YPS, our rigorous academic standards are complemented by an emphasis on each student’s personal development and preparedness for their next step in life. A diverse boarding school setting with students from different regions and different backgrounds offers a special opportunity for growth and learning.

The boarders are allowed night out once a month. To break the regular routine monotony, on second and fourth Sunday they go for long distance cycling or are engaged in inter house matches.


The school has an on-campus infirmary for the boarders to tend to minor ailments. A doctor visits the infirmary daily and a sister(nurse) is available24x7. For serious matters the boarders are referred to the well renowned hospital Columbia Asia in the city.

The residential block is equipped with amenities which include a central dining hall with an accommodation for 500 people, a mechanized launderette, bakery and kitchen.    Special emphasis is laid on providing nutritious food with both veg and non -veg cuisines on the menu. Special dining etiquettes sessions are conducted for the boarders.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care provided is designed to do this in a friendly atmosphere, encouraging the students to be responsible, courteous, tolerant and supportive of others and to prosper under the supervision of a team of experienced staff consisting of Housemaster/Housemistress, matrons and a team of tutors. Every student therefore has access to adults within the House (in addition to the counselling and medical services) to whom he/she can turn for support and advice whenever required. At times, when students need extra help for their homework or projects, they are assisted in the coordination of extra classes.