Vision and Mission

School Vision :

Empowering students to achieve and be successful individuals , exemplary human beings and leaders of tomorrow.

Mission :

In order to achieve its vision , the school focuses on an all-round development of boys and girls ; physical , emotional and intellectual with consciousness towards social obligations , and accomplishment in Indian art , culture , music , dance , yoga and languages. Staff development is the core area to achieve student’s excellence. The school will continue focus on staff training, collaboration and commitment to teaching.

Aim :

The aim of the school is to impart an all-round education – Curricular and co-curricular, so as to equip the students to become worthy citizens of India and as asset to the nation. This will in turn enable them to zealously guard and retain its noble traditions. The School aims at disciplined students , educated in mind , body and spirit and hence best suited to serve their country and best fitted to lead others by their example

Objectives :