Co-curricular Activities:


Debating is not just about academic pursuits but also teaches some very important life skills. The skills to put your stance effectively yet …….. in front of others. The representatives of each house (MH, PH, DRH) of class VI-XII very convincingly articulated their thoughts in the Inter house debates held lately. The debates were conducted in English and Hindi languages. The participants presented their views in favour and against some interesting and challenging topics. The topics for English debates were:

  1. The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity
  2. Crypto currency should be banned
  3. Money rules the world
  4. Covid-19 is a deliberate attack on humanity

Mohindra house bagged 1st position followed by Phulkian house and Dhani Ram house as Runner ups.

The Hindi debate topics were as follows:

  1. ?????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??
  2. ?????? ???????? ?? ?? ????? ???? ????? ???????? ?? ???
  3. 14 ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ?????????? ???? ??????, ????????, ???????????, ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ?? l

Dhani Ram House won the debate while Phulikian house and Mohindra house settled at second and third places.

All the debaters performed outstandingly. They carefully constructed their points which further helped them construct an effective argument. It was all about critical thinking and curiously listening to the opponents while also retaining and building a healthy attitude to questioning and debating.


Event: MUN Virtual Conference

Host:  Mody School, Lakshmangarh

Theme: Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Youth

Participants from YPS, Patiala:

  1. Keerat Kaur -XIIArts
  2. Dakhita Bhalla- XP
  3. Anoopinder Singh - X P
  4. Asiss Kaur-     IXN
  5. Dhriti Jain -     IX E
  6. Disha Jain -    VIIIE
  7. Reene Dhadli- VIIIE
  8. Satvik Gupta- VIIIN
  9. Zorawar Singh- VIIIN


The students of YPS, Patiala participated in a recently held virtual MUN based on the theme “Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Youth”. As we know that the world we live in is not a world of immortality but of metamorphosis. The students were enlightened about the fact that in order to have better tomorrow, we must work hard to encourage our youth to step forward and work together to pave a smooth way to lead a better and prosperous future.

During the two days of conference and 6 sessions of debating, the participants discussed that to overcome all the problems faced by the world, we need to work as a team and all the nations of the world need to work in harmony and try to achieve the goals collectively. This can happen by developing good leadership qualities, changing old mentality, accepting new normal and also by looking at new and innovative ideas.

All the students worked hard and their efforts were very well appreciated by all. This conference helped them boost their confidence, learn debating skills, logical thinking as they discussed very sensitive issues like rape cases, LGBT community rights, legalisation of marijuana and drug trafficking.



The Phulkian House won the number battle in a recently held Inter House Math Quiz. The selected students of each house from Middle wing(VI-VIII) participated in this quiz.

With great enthusiasm, fervour and sharp working minds, the three houses MH, PH and DRH battled it out with a wonderful house spirit and a keen sense of responsibility. The quiz consisted of several time constraint rounds with the level of difficulty rising with each round. The participants impressed everyone with their quick calculations and gave a tough fight to the opponents. At the end, PH won with the maximum total of 70 points.

With such quizzes, we intend to make the subject easier and enjoyable. So that the children can look and learn beyond their textual knowledge. It results in boosting their alertness, clarity of concepts and also helps in quicken their problem solving skills.


Everyone has a story, let’s see how you put it into words……

Junior wing found some of the finest and cute story tellers during a compulsory story telling activity. The class II students performed their best while narrating some very interesting and gripping stories on The Tooth Fairy, Tom Thumb, Rumpelstiltskin , The Pied Piper of Hemlin and many more. All the students did extremely well and the selected lot of students competed with each other in the final round. The participants were judged on the basis of content, confidence, pronunciation, voice modulation and expressions.


A firm foundation of mathematics concepts is required to deal with the abstract and cumulative nature of the subject. Since all mathematics is subject to understanding logic and pattern, some ECA activities were conducted for class IX and X. the aim was to build interest, clarify previously taught concepts and increase the speed and accuracy of the calculations. The classes were utilised to teach simple tricks which may be utilised to ease calculations which otherwise turn out to be very tedious. A few are mentioned below.

  • Short cut methods to find squares of two and three digit numbers.
  • Easy methods to remember trigonometric ratios of standard angles.
  • Quick methods to find the percentage of a number.

The methods were explained to the children and then corresponding videos shown to make them understand the tricks. Students explored more tricks on their own and shared with the class. A speed based test was conducted to determine the best method for calculating the square of two and three digit numbers. In addition, games like sodoku were played which saw a very heartening participation of students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


The Third term saw our Middle school students showcasing their Science skills by participating in the event ‘SCIENTIST IN ME’.

A total of 29 students from classes VI to VIII performed science experiments using simple things available at home and succeeded in explaining complex science phenomena by their simple experiments.

The children were judged on the following parameters: Aim of the experiment, requirements of the experiment, methodology, observations and conclusion (application in daily life).

All the participants did a wonderful job and came up with brilliant ideas and it was very heartening to watch the talent which our students possess. It turned out to be a successful event.