YPS Latest News :

Update from 5 Oct to 30 Nov 2021



1. Mohindra House won the G K Quiz competition for senior section.




1. MUN


·         Theme – Gambit of Sagacity

·         Hosted by Maharani Gayatri Devi  Girls School , Jaipur

·         21st to 23rd Oct 21

·         12 students from classes VIII to XI participated


2. IPSC Dance


·         Hosted by Daly College, Indore

·         22nd to 24th Oct 21

·         4 students of classes IX to XII participated

·         Award- Raunak Sharma won the outstanding performance award in Western solo dance.


3. Round Square


·         Theme – Colours of India

·         Hosted by Dhirubhai Ambani International Public School, Mumbai

·         20th Oct. 21

·         6 students of classes VII and VIII participated.


                          JUNIOR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

1. Students of Class I and IV participated in Rangoli making Competition.

2. Students of Class II learnt to play Dodge Ball.

3. Students of Class III participated in Hopscotch Competition.

4. Students of Class V participated in Gift wrapping Competition.


                                     INTER HOUSE ACTIVITIES


1. Dhaniram house won the Inter House Punjabi Debate competition.


                                     INTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES


1. 8th Nanhi Chhaan Essay Writing Competition


·         Topic - How can compassion heal humanity and the planet.

·         Trishleen Kaur and Hinam Walia participated

·         Hinam Walia reached the final round and was awarded a Smart Watch.




1. Students of Class I enjoyed playing Dog and the Bone.

2. Students of Class II tested their strength at Tug of War.

3. Students of Class III decorated the school in Rangoli making activity.

4. Students of Class IV learnt to Skip and play Hopscotch.

5. Students of Class V learnt to make Russian Salad.




1. Dhaniram house won the Inter House English Debate competition for middle section.




1. Round Square Conference was hosted by the School.


·         Theme – Citius Altius Fortius –Importance of Physical fitness

·         3rd November 21.

·         75 students from 9 schools of 4 different countries participated

·         Guest speaker- Khushi Jain

·         Physical fitness was the agenda of the conference with Unique Sporting Events of different regions as its highlight.


2. Khushwant Singh Literary Fest


·         7th November 21

·         3 students of classes 10 & 11 took part in the online competitions organised.

·         Events- Spell Bee

           -Book review- Stones, Shamed, Depressed by Jyotsana Mohan Bhargava

          - Story telling – Girls and Women 2021

·         Awards- Punya Arora won 2nd position in Book Review

            -Hinam Walia won 2nd position in Spell Bee


3. IPSC Music – Swaranjali


·         Hosted by Rajkumar college, Raipur

·         11th -13th November 21

·         3 students participated in the events- Indian Classical/Semi- Classical Vocal (solo)

                                                        -Western Vocal (solo)

                                                         -Western Instrumental (solo)

·         Awards-Jiya won Award of Excellence in Light Semi-Classical Vocal

                        -Rehaan Gupta – Special Mention in Western Instrumental (solo)



1. Students of Class I enjoyed Circuit Games.

2. Students of Class II learnt Tie their Shoe lace and Button their Shirts.

3. Students of Class III enjoyed a game of Kho-Kho.

4. Students of Class IV covered their notebooks.

5.Students of Class V learnt to play Laangadi Taang (one leg hopping ).


1.Punjab State Chess Championship

·         Arpit Goyal of Class VI E was awarded 1st position in Under 11 (OPEN) 

·         Held from 13th -14th Nov. 21 at Budhlada

·         Organised by Punjab State Chess Association


Punjab state U-11 chess championship held at Budhlada dist. Mansa from 13-14th Nov,2021, organized by Mansa district chess association affiliated to Punjab State Chess association. Arpit Goyal from YPS Patiala got First position by scoring 4.5 points out of 5 rounds. He was awarded a trophy and a merit certificate. In U-11 open category 32 participants came from the various cities of Punjab.