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Round Square Zoom Postcard

Host: Pathways World School

Theme: Mystery of Our History 

The following students participated 

  1. Jodhbir Singh
  2. Sukhman deep Singh
  3. Vidur Verma
  4. Tanvir Arora
  5. Tanveer Singh
  6. Krishna Mittal

Feedback from one of the students 

 Vidur Verma


‘I attended the Round Square, whose theme was ‘Mystery of Our History’ and it was based on discussing different monuments around the country which have been forgotten and should be revived. The experience was quite informative and fruitful. I learnt a lot of things such as architectural knowledge of our ancestors, interesting stories about them, our culture that we joyfully show and much more. We learnt about the diverse culture of our country and how there are these incredible monuments which have their own intriguing stories just left behind and forgotten. We discussed how and what we could do to revive them and bring them back to their ancient, original glory as they rightly deserve.’